You can soak in hops and barley in Denver’s new beer spa

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Denver is known for its craft beer. Mile High City is also a health paradise. Now these two scenes merge at The Beer Spa, a new wellness spot where you can pour yourself a local brew from a self-service tap station before slipping into a bubbling, herbal-infused tub of hops and barley for a uniquely soft bleed.

Jessica French and Damien Zouaoui opened the spa in Denver’s Whittier neighborhood earlier this year, inspired in part by the spa culture they experienced during their world travels. Eastern Europe is full of beer baths, many of which have a fierce Oktoberfest vibe. The husband-and-wife couple wanted to set up a beer spa in the US, but do so with wellness as the central focus.

As a result, the spa’s four beer therapy rooms each include an infrared sauna, a rain shower and the main attraction, a beer bath that is just below 100 degrees (not as hot as a jacuzzi) and equipped with what looks like an oversized tea bag. An in-house herbalist creates blends for the bathtubs, buys hops and barley from brewing partners, and adds an antioxidant-rich herbal blend that changes monthly. In June, the tub bubbled with Hawthorn, which studies have shown can lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety. In July, the mixture includes Tulsi, which has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. In August, eucalyptus, which has cooling properties and an ability to relieve sore muscles, becomes part of the mix. The tub does not contain yeast.

The spa also adds a cosmetic minibar in the therapy room with an assortment of products such as beer hair masks, CBD face masks and hop-infused beard oil that can be purchased as additions to the experience.

Just as you would check in early to enjoy the relaxation room before a massage, spa visitors come here before their appointments to fill insulated beer glasses and relax on peacock-blue velvet sofas. A claw-foot bath that is only for show and a beer-spa sign with green is a great backdrop for a photo.

Every month a new local brewery is in print. Recently, Spice Trade Brewing spotlighted summer drink like Sun Temple, a juicy IPA with big notes of peach and mango and Spa Sidekick, a refreshing Gose-style sour with fresh cucumber juice and lemon zest. Local cider and wine are also on tap. Slopes are tracked with an ID card so you can pay at the end, and the treatment rooms are equipped with beer holders so you can bring your drink.

As an added experience, there are “Zero Gravity” massage chairs that lean so that your back is parallel to the floor and your legs are raised, creating a weightless, fluid feeling.

The spa began by offering 60 minute sessions in the therapy room. After hearing feedback from guests who wanted more time to enjoy the rooms, sessions have been bumped to 90 minutes with a standard reservation starting at $ 159.

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