Why Vancouver should be on the travel enthusiast’s radar

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In a world with a thousand amazing cities, it is a great honor to be chosen as the 46th best city (according to bestcities.org). Following the expected big boys, Paris, New York, Prague, is the respectable 46th Vancouver, Canada. The only Canadian city that was higher on the list was actually Toronto, which has the benefit of more than double the population and a much stronger pulse. However, the more relaxed and scenic Vancouver is more moderate in the air and light in its stance.

Even the iconic singer / songwriter Neil Young, a product from Toronto, once said in concert: “Good old Vancouver.” Other celebrities from Vancouver include Michael J. Fox, Ryan Reynolds, Pamela Anderson and Seth Rogan. The long list also includes actress Sandra Oh, baseball player Larry Walker and a large number of hockey players and writers.

Another claim to fame for Vancouver is that it is home to more Asians than anywhere else outside of Asia. With over 40% of the 2.5 million population, Vancouver’s Asian population is strong and thriving. Travelers to the city can expect some of the best and most authentic Asian dishes.

A special hotspot is Miku Restaurant, which specializes in Aburi, flamethrower cuisine, a new twist on the traditional art of handmade sushi that creates new textures and flavors. For another option, consider Anh and Chi, a brother and sister who owned and operated a Vietnamese restaurant that specializes in Asian food that tastes as good as it looks. Presentation is not everything when family, tradition and taste complete the experience.


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The city of Vancouver is also a great destination for those who want to settle down in an eternal home. According to pwc.com, “the pace of change is accelerating as certain existing trends evolve or gather momentum, and new patterns are emerging in Canada’s real estate market. In the case of Vancouver, our city has long been considered a great place to invest. “Between the strong immigrant work and ingenuity for the reinvestment opportunities to the beautiful landscape, Vancouver is one of the country’s smoldering hotspots.