The most popular UNESCO World Heritage Sites according to Instagram

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Whether you are preparing for your next vacation or still traveling deputy during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it’s always fun to find yourself in the planning process, writing down ideas and reading aloud in all the places you want to be. visit one day. As travel begins to make its inevitable comeback, more people are heading out and navigating everything from vaccination and test requirements to mask wearing and social distancing as they remain the new norm.

Instagram has long been a great source of holiday inspiration, especially among millennials and younger generations who turn to the popular social media platform for travel ideas. The folks at the creative British company Design Bundles recently analyzed how many times the 145 most popular UNESCO World Heritage Sites were tagged on Instagram and ranked them accordingly.

Here’s a look at the results for the 30 most popular UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world, according to Instagram users:

Rome’s historic city center in Italy, with 61,244,436 positions

2. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, with 45,039,569 positions

Venice and its lagoon in Italy, with 25,755,922 posts

4. Kiev in Ukraine, with 21,914,502 positions

5. Florence’s historic city center in Italy, with 21,516,815 posts

6. Prague’s historic city center in the Czech Republic, with 17,731,077 posts


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7. Budapest in Hungary, with 14,665,910 positions

8. Brasilia in Brazil, with 13,277,931 positions

9. St. Petersburg city center, with 11,987,336 jobs

10. Quito, Ecuador, with 9,854,551 entries