The Michelin guide has teamed up with Wine Access to send you wines from the world’s best restaurants

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Michelsen’s brand is linked to experiences, whether we are talking about decks or restaurants, Michel’s goal is to give customers the opportunity to have unique experiences in top class. This year, they launched a new partnership with Wine Access to bring these top-class experiences home.

What is wine access?

Wine Access is an online retailer and wine club, and this year they partnered with the Michelin Guide to put together a set of wine boxes filled with wines from Michelin-starred restaurants that customers can enjoy in their own homes.

Wine access and Michelin

The partnership brings together everything both brands are about: wine, food and unique experiences. When you sign up for the Michelin subscription to Wine Access, you will receive five seasonal boxes, which have been curated in collaboration with sommeliers from Michelin-starred restaurants.

These boxes also come with recommendations for food pairing, also from these restaurants. So not only do you enjoy some amazing wines, but you also have all the tools available to make a Michelin-worthy meal at home (theoretically!). And in an age where we all spend a lot more time at home, it’s certainly appreciated to find ways to spice things up, especially when there are food and wine experts doing the heavy lifting. So far, some of the restaurants from which wine selections have been integrated are DANIEL (two Michelin stars), Per Se (three Michelin stars) and Jônt (two Michelin stars).


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This subscription also includes invitations to private events, rare wine options, exclusive digital content and a 10% discount on all wine access purchases.

Why does this make sense as a next step for Michelin?

This partnership feels very topical, because while the wine boxes themselves offer luxury at home, the events and experiences offer enthusiasts the chance to make up for lost time. For the luxury traveler who wants to get back out there, these exclusive, Michelin-starred events should be enticing, while the boxes give the feeling of traveling home.

Michelin recently offered the sneak peak of the types of events they will be hosting with Wine Access at Monterey Car Week, where they had sommeliers leading a wine tasting with wines from one of the recent boxes at their booth on the quails. Informally known as ‘The Quail’, “The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering” is one of the signature events of Monterey Car Week that takes place every August. Bringing car enthusiasts, manufacturers and the media together in the Monterey area of ​​California to everything in the automotive industry, this week’s long extravaganza is filled with events, but the ‘quail’ is one that is on everyone’s list.

Participants tasted several wines while led by one of the Wine Access experts and a representative from the Michelin guide, who provided a context behind which restaurants the wines came from in the guide.

Michelin subscription to Wine Access

The Wine Access Michelin subscription is offered for $ 160- $ 200 per. Shipping, with four bottles per. Shipping and five shipments each year. The boxes are divided seasonally into choices of spring, summer, autumn, holiday and winter – and because they come with food pairings, customers are encouraged to try to bring some of the Michelin experiences home.

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