The Beverage Testing Institute announces the best tequilas in 2021

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The Beverage Testing Institute (BTI) recently announced the world’s best Tequila expression. The big winner was El Tesoro, the brand produced by Master Distiller Carlos Camarena and his family on The La Alteña distillery in Arandas in the Jalisco Highlands. El Tesoro Paradiso Extra Añejo Tequila was voted the best Tequila with a score of 97/100. El Tesoro Añejo and Blanco also won top prizes in their respective categories, scoring 96/100 and 95/100 respectively.

BTI is a Chicago-based organization that plays a hybrid role in the beverage industry. On the one hand, it functions as a consulting company that uses in its own words:

Unique methodology, proprietary tools and decades of experience in offering research, development and marketing services that protest against large investments, lift the brand’s reputation, optimize market reception and engage consumers.

BTI will provide confidential research services. It also performs “revisions of brands, their liquids and packaging” for beverage companies “to optimize their products on the market or before release.”

It can help brands “learn what matters to decision makers”, “find out what prevents bartenders from engaging in your brand” and “maximize their chances of product success armed with the deepest insights from our panelists. ”

In short, according to the BTI, “we catch the bugs that prevent bartenders, retailers and consumers from fully engaging with brands.” Think of BTI as the beverage world’s McKinsey & Company.

On the other hand, BTI also scores on a 100-point scale and awards prizes for the beverages it rates. This activity makes it more like a conventional wine and spirits competition.

This dual role is unprecedented in the beverage industry. Its evaluations and advice are closely followed in the beverage industry by both global wine and spirits companies and by newly established spirits producers as well as consumers worldwide.