The Beverage Testing Institute announces the best rums in 2021

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The Beverage Testing Institute (BTI) plays a dual role in the beverage industry. The Chicago-based organization reviews and scores, on a hundred-point scale, thousands of beverages each year. This activity makes it more like a conventional wine and spirits competition

On the one hand, it also functions as a consulting company that uses in its own words:

Unique methodology, proprietary tools and decades of experience in offering research, development and marketing services that protest against large investments, lift the brand’s reputation, optimize market reception and engage consumers.

This dual role is unprecedented in the beverage industry. Its evaluations and advice are closely followed in the beverage industry by both global wine and spirits companies and by newly established spirits producers, as well as by consumers around the world.

The BTI has just released its list of the best spirits in 2021. Included in this list are four rums, which it rated as the world’s best in each of their respective categories.

The world’s best rum, with a score of 96/100, was Appleton Estate, 21 YO Rome, 43% ABV, 750 ml, $ 149. Appleton was also the only rum to receive a platinum medal.

Appleton is a historic space brand. Founded in 1749, it is the oldest distillery in Jamaica. It is located on an 11,000-acre property in the Nassau Valley in the heart of Jamaica’s sugar cane belt. George Washington served Appleton Rum at his inaugural reception, although the import of rum from Britain’s Caribbean colonies at the time was illegal.

In addition to the 21 YO expression, the company produces a range of historic rums, including a 30 YO and an incredible 50 YO expression, in addition to a more affordable 12 YO, which sells for around $ 40. Its latest release, Appleton Estate, Black River Casks, is a single property Jamaica rum assembled from hand-picked dishes that have been matured for a minimum of 15 years in Jamaica’s tropical climate.

BTI’s taste panel described the rum as “a robust, spicy and caramel-like rum with great intensity”, which offers:

Aromas of chocolate-coated caramels, sweet cigarillo and copper pot with a satin-like, crisp, dry light body and a peppery, fresh caramelized banana, rye chips, caramel cake, raisin bread pudding and carnation finish.