The best New York pizza you have ever tasted is available for a limited time

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New York is already known for plating the best pizza on the planet. So how do you get the best even better? Stella Artois has landed on a new solution. The Belgian beer brand holds a pizza party all summer and they have invited some of the best chefs in town to attend. All proceeds are for the benefit restaurant recovery in the wake of the pandemic.

Søhavns Artois is a two-month activation located at Pier 16 in South Street Seaport in Lower Manhattan. On select Thursdays, you can order specialty pies made from a cadre of Michelin-starred talent from across the local culinary landscape. Nor is it exactly the kind of thing you expect from your local pizzeria.

Take a cook Emma Bengtsson’s offers, for example. The acclaimed chef of Akvavit in Midtown used her famous Nordic sensitivity to dough and sauce to get away with a sourdough pie stacked high with hay-smoked cheese, whey béchamel, hardened pork fat, potatoes and pickled red onions. Her rounded riff was an immediate crowd-pleaser during the Seaport Artois kickoff on June 17th.

“I can not wait for Seaport Artois to sit down with friends on the pier and enjoy the summer,” said Chef Bengtsson on the eve of the event. “I fell in love with New York because of its multicultural restaurant scene – where it was not unusual to meet your friends at 2 about some bone marrow and fried oysters. I am thrilled to see that we are slowly returning to that reality again. ”

Connection to Bengtsson at the opening was chef Angie Rito and Scott Tacinelli, husband and wife team behind Michelin star Don Angie. Although their stylish West Village eatery specializes in Italian-American cuisine, it is by no means a pizza connection. This is the kind of place you go for for homemade pastas adorned with mulled flowers and seasonal vegetables or expertly rendered crudo and scarpariello. So the limited opportunity to eat on their stuffed pepperoni flatbread at Seaport Artois was truly a special one. Thin, flaky phyllo and filled with stracchino cheese, the dish is the duo’s foccacia af recco—A rustic appetizer native to northern Italy.

If you missed one, there is a lot more delicacy on the way in the coming weeks. Go to the harbor in July and August for choices from famous chefs, including Erik Ramirez by Llama Inn, Hugue Dufour by M. Wells, and Trigg Brown & Josh Ku by Win Son. Thursday night is accompanied by activations of live music and of course cold beer. Check out the upcoming schedule below:

  • NYC Flavors – July 8: “Cheers for the diversity of food in this fine city.”
  • Street Culture – July 22: “Greetings NY street food and culture unlike any other.”
  • Comeback – August 5: “One night performance from a favorite place that closed its doors last year.”
  • New – August 19: “Raise a goblet to welcome a new restaurant in town that is excited about.”

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