Susan Sarandon: ‘Now is the time to dream of traveling again’

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Fairmont Hotels & Resorts’ new campaign Experience the greatest of emotions pay homage to the historical origins of the luxury brand as they share the promise of adventures that await.

Susan Sarandon and Fairmont

Oscar-winning actress and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Susan Sarandon is the global brand ambassador for Fairmont’s Experience the greatest of emotions campaign that promotes sustainable, responsible travel and seeks to inspire the collective curiosity that drives travelers to travel in search of new surroundings.

“Fairmont wrote the book on being sustainable for hotels, and I trust that they allow people to be part of a program that takes into account CO2 footprints,” comments Susan Sarandon, adding: “If you are so lucky to travel in your life, why not make it sustainable? ”

Thirty years ago, Fairmont literally wrote a book on environmental sustainability in the hospitality industry and published the first edition of its Green partnership guides. Since then, the brand has continued its efforts to reduce the climate impact and promote responsible tourism.


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“Sustainability is at the heart of Fairmont”

“Sustainability is the heart and soul of Fairmont,” said Mansi Vagt, Global Vice President, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. “We can not wait for people to come and discover our amazing cities and natural destinations again. It is our job as stewards of these destinations to be aware of how we travel today. “

The global fire campaign was launched on October 7 at The Plaza in New York. Together with Sarandon and Vagt, the poet and artist Cleo Wade and the actor and travel journalist Henry Golding were at a star-studded event, which featured the first reading of The Fairmont feeling, an emotional poem by Wade and the unveiling of a nature-inspired installation.