Spanish wine is paired with Mexican mole to celebrate the Day of the Dead

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Spanish red wine and Mexican mole sauce are a new tradition, a chef and a wine company promote. Campo Viejo and chef Rick Martinez have teamed up to celebrate the Day of the Dead or the Dia de Los Muertos.

“It meant so much to me when Campo Viejo approached me and wanted to celebrate Day of the Dead and Mexican cuisine,” says Martinez, who is a chef, author and pitmaster. “I was really enthusiastic and wanted to jump on board because I feel people have a very superficial understanding of what the holiday is.”

It is the first pairing of the chef and the well-known wine brand. Martinez pairs his mole with fried chicken recipe with Campo Viejo Reserva red blend, which sells for $ 15. “The Day of the Dead is a time of year that is extremely important to Mexican culture,” Martinez says. “It’s a time when families gather to celebrate the loved ones they have lost through art, culture, music and food. Campo Viejo is a blend of traditional Spanish winemaking and modern style that aims to celebrate culture and traditions. , which have been passed down through generations and bring people together. “

Martinez says that fried chicken mole is one of the most common foods people will encounter on a table or altar until the day of the dead. “Mole is a Mexican mother sauce,” he says. “It is incredibly delicious, complex and robust – like a good wine. “

“Campo Viejo Reserva goes perfectly with the mole and the fried chicken because the depth and acidity cut through the richness of the dish, while the polished tannins work together with the different elements to bring out the spicy notes,” he adds.

Wine blends beautifully with the celebration of the Day of the Dead and with Mexican food, Martinez points out, adding that he draws inspiration for his cuisine from his heritage.

“I don’t think Americans really think about combining Mexican food with wine, but wine is also part of the Mexican table,” he says. “A wine like Campo Viejo, with really robust taste, goes very well with a dish that has so many ingredients and as many strong flavors as a mole.”

Although the mating was intended for the Day of the Dead festivities, which end on November 2, the mating can continue for many other festivities and even every day, Martinez says.

“It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to create the recipe composition,” he says. I “t is a dish that almost everyone loves and that can be prepared for dinner parties, casual gatherings, or anytime you are in the mood for it.”

A spokesman for the Spanish wine brand says that customers’ engagement in their joint post on social media has been quite positive and that they have received thousands of likes and comments. Several posters commented that Martinez’s kitchen looked amazing, and some said they were inspired. “How beautiful!” or “How beautiful!” one person commented.

“There’s no better way to celebrate than by gathering with friends or family,” the spokesman said. “Martinez’s cuisine complements our wine perfectly.”

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