Single Malt for brunch? X By Glenmorangie Shakes Whiskey’s steady reputation

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It’s the dog’s summer days where people dream of drinks by the pool and casual weekend brunch. This is the perfect time to think about single malt Scotch.

No really.

A new expression from the famous Scottish house Glenmorangie is precisely aimed at getting into not just the craft cocktail room, but also at placing the leading spirit within more informal occasions, including daytime and summer drinking events. X by Glenmorangie is a new term “designed to blend” with a richer, sweeter profile.

“X has a boldness to it,” says Glenmorangie global brand ambassador David Blackmore, adding that X is aged in freshly charred virgin American oak, which teases sweetness and richness in the liquid. “That means the whiskey is not lost in the blend.”

“It has been seen as something outrageous, the idea of ​​making a cocktail using single malt Scotch,” Blackmore adds. “It’s really bizarre. Every other whiskey in the world seems quite ok for drinks, but single malt Scotch everyone seems to have a problem with. ”

Like Champagne before, Scotch, and especially single malt Scotch, has a very specific reputation. Scotch is only seen as special occasions and is enjoyed by a certain type of clientele. Ask beginners about Scotch, and they can probably call pictures of cigars, libraries, and worn leather chairs.

Champagne has recently had great success, in part because it was able to teach consumers that it was an everyday drink, not just reserved for special occasions. In recent years, some maisons have introduced Champagnes, such as the Veuve Clicquot Riche, designed to blend into cocktails and be enjoyed over ice cream. Now Glenmorangie is hoping to get a similar farm to convince new converts to consider pouring Scotch into cocktails.

“We have certainly created it to reach younger consumers, but also to more diverse consumers,” says Blackmore. “Please consider single malt in different drinking scenarios in more relaxed environments. Single malt in a cocktail for brunch, why not? ”

To illustrate X by Glenmorangie’s appeal beyond the crowd of leather chairs, the brand tapped several artists known for iconoclastic style to act as unofficial ambassadors. Buzzy It-bag designer Brandon Blackwell, R&B artist Tone Stitch, streetwear influencer Alani Figueroa and classical pianist Chloe Flower are part of the brand’s first partnership. “Mix Makers” showcases the versatility of the spirit in a range of new content on NTWRK, a live video shopping app that will sell a limited edition barware kit.

Chloe Flower, who is perhaps the first classical pianist to claim both hip hop cred and fashion bona fides, admits that single malt Scotch seemed scary at first. “Whiskey has the stereotype that it was not available to me,” Flower says.

But, she notes, X’s versatility resonated with her because “this is how I have lived in relation to my musical life,” says the composer. “The whiskey stereotype of having a cigar in a library with a bunch of men. It’s a similar stereotype I get with classical music. You do not necessarily go to a classical music concert and see feathers and rhinestones. ”

Flower designed a signature drink for the new content series, a twist on pina colada that combines X with pineapple juice, coconut cream, fresh mint and whipped cream.

“I can confidently say that a blended whiskey drink is fantastic,” excited the pianist. “Definitely a learning experience. I imagine taking this project out of the library and onto the beach. ”

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