Qatar Airways now flies daily from Doha to Miami

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Qatar Airways was recently named the world’s best airline in 2021 by According to the Australian Aviation Safety and Product Evaluation Agency, this is largely due to its innovation, product and industry management as well as its extraordinary commitment to keeping the world’s critical long-haul routes open under COVID-19. ”

The airline made its US debut of its FIFA World Cup 2022 livery at Miami International Airport on July 20, 2021. It also marked the possibility that the airline could announce that it would now service Doha to Miami daily, operated by Boeing 777- 300. Business class will now all be QSuites. This means that doors can be closed for privacy, and certain center seats can be combined in two- or four-person configurations, especially useful if traveling together as a family.

Qatar Airways has been servicing this route since June 2014 with popular pre-pandemic shipments to India, Thailand, Pakistan and Nepal, Eric Odone, Vice President of Sales for Americas shares with Forbes. These days, traffic from this route has moved to the Maldives and South Africa – two of the airlines’ newest destinations – as well as to Kenya and Tanzania.


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Unlike most airlines, Qatar Airways never stopped flying, and this allowed them to gradually adapt to the changes brought about by Covid-19. “We made sure everyone systematically gets a mask, a pair of gloves, hand sanitizer wipes,” Mr. Odone shares. They also supply “Travel with Confidence” kits that include hand sanitizer, masks and gloves. “We were the first airline in the United States to mandate. On top of the pandemic, we provided face shields to passengers. Crews were full PPE uniforms. We have high hygiene standards.

What preparations are they making when the FIFA World Cup 2022 is on its way? “Qatar reopened on July 12 last year,” Mr Odone shares. “As for the country itself, the stadiums are actually ready – they look absolutely fantastic, lots of new hotels – that preparation never really stopped. For us at Qatar Airways, it is more about ensuring that we have a good assessment of the amount of people who want to travel because there will be a mix of scheduled and chartered flights, especially from the Latin American market. We are really excited about it. ”

In the US, Qatar Airways now offers daily double flights from Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC (between July and September), Dallas (between July and September); and daily flights from Houston, Boston, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle and Philadelphia

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