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While Denver’s population explosion is old news, with rising record increases year after year and momentum that somehow refuses to slow down, nearby Colorado Springs has encouraged its own development. Colorado’s second largest city, just an hour from the capital, has clearly noticed its big sister’s boom and has quietly prepared for what’s to come and laid the groundwork for a more conscious development. With some projections showing that the city will surpass Denver by 2050, Colorado Springs sees its central core for greater development, but not at the expense of the city’s carefully cultivated culture. Pre-pandemic, investment projects in Downtown Colorado Springs grew 18% year-over-year from 2013 to 2020, reaching $ 1.7 billion. Including hotels, residences and mixed use area, but do not expect a concrete jungle to rise from its streets. Home to the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee and surrounded by natural splendor such as Pike’s Peak and Garden of the Gods, the city’s ethos of athletics, combined with its love of art (the creative district has more than 230 art-related businesses) has undoubtedly played a role in attract millennia to a greater extent than any other American city *, and Colorado Springs does not intend to sacrifice this quality of life while welcoming new visitors and residents. With an additional $ 2 billion worth of projects hitting the Southwest of Downtown alone over the next two decades, here’s a glimpse of a few recent major developments and some suggestions for where to eat, sleep and shop under your next stay.


Four new hotels are already underway or open in downtown Colorado Springs, but one in particular is as focused on the city as it is on city guests. Kinship Landing was specially designed not only to welcome travelers, but to serve as a hub for the locals, who naturally mixed the two crowds who have plenty to share with each other, given the opportunity. The 80-bed store certainly offers luxury options with suites that include garage door windows, LED fireplaces and extravagant bathtubs that are fully open, but it is the other end of the spectrum that makes this property seriously special. Kinship Landing was founded by world travelers on a budget and offers high quality hostels in a full service hotel with bunk rooms so cold that you might want to be there whatever your budget.

Each bunk has premium mattresses on quiet beds, personal towels and linens, charging outlets and a full privacy curtain, and each bedroom has in-room closets and windows in both bunk beds and dedicated bathroom. In the hall, a private bathroom and separate guest kitchen offer unexpected amenities that also help keep noise away from tired travelers. Downstairs, Homa Bar + Café brings international flair to a menu with breakfast all day, hearty towels, sandwiches, bowls and bites with a coffee shop offering local roasts. However, you will not find espresso drinks here because the community-focused hotel masters the creation of loyal coffee across the street.


Olympic City’s torch burns even brighter this year with the recent opening of United States Olympic and Paralympic Museum. Fill out your digital profile at the beginning of your visit, and exhibits will recognize you throughout your journey, offering bonus information about your favorite athletes and events, and storing your achievements in a digital locker when you train at a variety of interactive exhibits everywhere ( put facts and history in this digital cache if you want to study later from home). With plenty of memorabilia and artefacts, including Olympic torches and medals from each host city, along with uniforms and equipment used by some of the sport’s most memorable names, the gold clearly goes to the technological innovation that completely abandons the traditional notion of museum and replaces it with an eventful journey.

Just around the corner, the brand new one Weidner Field opened its 8,000-seat soccer field and event space in May, transforming an empty lot into an outdoor entertainment center. Capable of accommodating up to 15,000 ticket holders for concerts and special events, the technologically advanced home of the Colorado Springs Switchbacks offers three club levels and is anchored by Epicenter, the 4.5 meter high steel sculpture that reflects the field, the city and its visitors in its shiny central sphere. Expect to see this new city icon in lots of Instagram posts in the coming years.

The entire Downtown area, while retail bars like Poor Richard’s Books & Gifts and Josh & Johns is remains, a host of newer, millennial businesses illustrate the city’s rapidly changing demographics. Pop in Ladyfinger’s letterpress for haute stationery and quirky gifts, Inherent Clothier for custom men’s suits with a social mission, and ICONS, the city’s new LGBTQ + piano bar, for a glimpse of the city’s changing offerings. If you feel inspired by the creativity that flows through the city and want to try your hand at a new technique or bring something special home from professionals, visit Cottonwood Center for the Arts to explore the studios of 80 artists, shop the galleries or even take a class.


One of the city’s most exciting new culinary arrivals is CO.ATI Uprise, a funky madhal on S. Tejon inside the former Corost ONEautomatically Troller Iexchange. Here you will find Korean street food, Creole Texas, sandwiches, sweets, seafood and superfoods along with a bar serving “curious cocktails” in a colorful space that also hosts events from live music to yoga. Sit indoors, outdoors, upstairs or downstairs – there is plenty to spy on everywhere.

Despite its address on N Tejon, find the mysterious “metro” entrance on Kiowa and get down to the underground world of The rabbit hole. Yes, that’s the Wonderland theme; no, it’s not for kids. Down the street you will find a chic restaurant and bar serving a new American menu with small plates and more powerful help along with a cocktail menu with adult slopes with a playful side. You typically need reservations to get in.

If you remember Brother Luck from Top cook or Chopped, here’s your chance to try his southwestern-inspired culinary creations. Four by Brother Luck honors hunters, gatherers, farmers and fishermen with a seasonal menu inspired by each. You are welcome to order à la carte, but the best way to experience this menu is the four-course prix fixe, which is exceptionally generous, without excluding regular menu items from your choice. Start with a cocktail and choose the affordable wine pairing with your meal.

*Brookings Institution, 2018

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