More than 100,000 Vying For Miller Dive Bar Patio Set

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Miller High Life is no stranger to dive bars or their popularity. After launching a Backyard Dive Bar competition in 2020 and hosting a Valentine’s Day Dive Bar Date in 2021, this beer brand has launched another diving bar competition – a diving bar terrace set.

The contest, launched earlier this month, has already garnered more than 100,000 entries, and a lucky winner will receive a set that includes a diver-inspired red wicker sofa, a laser-engraved table with bar stool seating, a munchies machine station and a custom pergola with all the well-known diving rod sensor.

The competition comes at a time when outdoor gatherings are at a premium, and many large retailers are experiencing shortages and delays in the garden furniture inventory

“High Life has a natural connection to diving rods – some would even say we’ve become synonymous with them,” said Lucy Bloxam, brand manager for Miller High Life. “Knowing that there is a shortage of garden furniture and we are at the peak of the beer season in the backyard, we wanted to create a unique set that gives people all the beloved feelings of a dive in their own space. ”

Miller High Life fans, diving enthusiasts and those in need of garden furniture can try their hand at getting the exclusive set by texting “PATIODIVE” to 90464 to receive a link to get in on their chance to win or by visiting Consumers must be 21 years or older, and full rules can be found here.

The brand announced the competition a little over a week ago, and it ends on Thursday, August 19th.

Bloxam is not surprised to see another High Life campaign receive such a large number of sign-ups. “Given the success of last year’s program ‘Backyard Dive Bar’ and our latest Valentine’s Day” Dive Bar Date “, we are not shocked to see such high entry rates,” she says.

Bloxam says it’s not surprisingly, many of the records come from the Midwest, specifically Miller’s home state of Wisconsin. “We’re trying to provide a special solution for something our fans need at the time, whether it’s a dive escape in their own backyard or a new way to get in touch with family and friends,” she says. “We also see many records from our home state of Wisconsin and remain proud of our roots in the state for nearly 120 years.”

Miller High Life has been fighting for its home for Milwaukee and its main brewing site, Bloxam also recently points out. Earlier this year, the brand requested to declare a specific portion of its brewery space in the city as “The Champagne of Beers Region,” which became official in June following a unanimous vote by Milwaukee’s Common Council. The brand also created exclusive Milwaukee Bucks Champagne of Beers coupons to celebrate their home team’s recent victory in the NBA Championship.

The winner of the Dive Bar Patio Set will be announced on August 20, 2021 or thereabouts and notified via email with delivery and setup taking place before the end of the month. Those who are not so lucky to take the set home can buy individual items to enjoy High Life outside at

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