Midwest Brewery is looking for ‘Bad Dad of the Year’

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Is your father a ‘bad father’? Does he tell bad jokes? Wear socks with sandals? Embarrassed, making bad decisions or all of the above?

In that case, Bad Dad Brewing Co. will in Fairmount, Indiana would like you to nominate your father or another father figure for their “Bad Dad of the Year” contest.

Anyone can share stories about any father or father figure, they know they will celebrate, whether your husband or friend’s father or your own father is. You can submit nominations online or post a picture of that person on social media using the hashtag #BadDadSweepstakes and tagging @BadDadBrewing with a caption explaining why they are a bad dad who deserves to win the contest.

The contest ends tonight at midnight and the winner will be announced on “Bad Dad Day” or June 19, the Saturday before Father’s Day. A grand prize-winning father gets to see their face on This year’s bad father beer can and receive a $ 300 Bad Dad gift card that can be used to buy Bad Dad beer and pizza for a year. The champion will also capture a Bad Dad swag bag, the brewery’s idea of ​​a winning trophy and a special place in their Bad Dad Hall of Fame. Additional prizes will be awarded to a few dads who have almost reached it. Top 10 receives a swag bag and top 20 receives a value pack Hanes XL “tighty-whities.”

The competition is appropriate as the brewery is named after the original bad father, aka Barry Howard, who formed Bad Dad Brewing Co. with his two sons, Patrick and Derek.

“At our brewery, we put a lot of emphasis on dads, especially bad dads for obvious reasons, and have long known we wanted to do something about Father’s Day,” says Patrick.

“But the more we thought about it, we would really do something unique to honor all the bad dangers out there,” Derek adds. “And of course, of course, we wanted to have a little fun with it, because that’s what we do.”

So Bad Dad Barry and his sons threw some ideas together with their team and then they decided to come up with a contest that would honor bad dangers everywhere and they are happy to hear about the funny stories and memories of bad dad. The prize, they say, was supposed to be “bad father worthy”, so instead of just awarding the second bad father number two – because Barry is obviously the first bad father – just some beer and pizza, they decided to put this bad father on one of their beer cans.

“This is really just a tribute to all the fathers out there who do not fit into the typical idea of ​​what a ‘perfect’ dad can look like,” says Barry. “As dads, we find a way to make things work and do the right things for our children, but sometimes we end up with funny mishaps and fond memories of times we can look back on. “

The three hope that people have fun with the competition, and they also hope that this builds “a sense of community” around bad dangers.

“It’s been a long year for everyone and we hope this puts a smile on people’s faces and that we can all share a few laughs together,” says Barry. “And what better way than to go down the memory path?”

Anyone can enter the contest, and the submissions, even if they are related to bad dad, can be just about anything. Bad colors are of course welcome, and some of the best can end up in their cans, as each beer boasts its own bad color on the can. Famous “father-isms” are also invited. Basically, anything people think might win their dad the title of “bad dad of the year” can be submitted.

“We’re looking for epic tales of any father or father figure you know who best encapsulates everything they are to you and what you think will give them a place in our Bad Dad Hall of Fame,” says Barry.

Photos and videos are not required but strongly encouraged. “The more bad and downright crazy, the better, but please don’t be illegal,” Patrick and Derek say.

“This is really just a fun way to celebrate all the dads and dad characters out there trying their best,” says Barry.

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