Mayim Bialik, Ken Jennings Split ‘Jeopardy!’ hosting tasks for the rest of the year

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Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings will share hosting duties for the long-running trivia show “Jeopardy!” for the rest of 2021, producer Sony said on Thursday.

Starting Monday, Bialik will host several weeks of episodes that will air until November 5. After that, she and Jennings will split the hosting gig if their schedules allow.

The two will be shooting enough episodes to air for the rest of the year, while Sony is looking for a regular daytime host.

The news comes after the short-lived tenure of Mike Richards, the former “Jeopardy!” executive producer who was tapped to host the game show in August. Richards’ insensitive statements about a previous podcast and two discrimination lawsuits from his time on “The Price is Right” led to his resignation from the position of host and executive producer. He also left his position as executive producer of “Wheel of Fortune.”

Richards filmed several episodes before his departure, and they will all air before Bialik’s episodes air. Michael Davies, executive producer of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” took over interim production duties after Richards resigned.

Bialik, best known for her portrayal of Amy Farrah Fowler on CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” and as the title character on the NBC show “Blossom,” is an author, neuroscientist and executive producer and star of Fox’s “Call Me Kat. Reports have suggested Bialik was eligible for the main hosting gig when “Jeopardy!” executives and Sony were vetting candidates for the current season.

However, Bialik was unavailable due to conflicts with her sitcom. In August, she was tapped to host prime-time and spin-off series of the franchise.

Jennings, an author with the longest winning streak in “Jeopardy!” history, posted the highest ratings of all guest hosts last season.

The show has cycled through a number of guest hosts since Alex Trebek passed away in November. Among them were journalist Katie Couric, professional soccer player Aaron Rodgers, news anchor Anderson Cooper, CNBC financial journalist David Faber and actor LeVar Burton.

“Danger!” is in its 38th season.

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