Maker’s Mark is giving away two free home bar makeovers

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Does your home bar need a makeover? What about your best friend, sister, brother, father, mentor, mother, coach, etc.?

Maker’s Mark has teamed up with Orlando Soria, designer and TV personality, to make the home bars a lucky person and a person he or she stands remarkably.

This bourbon maker competition is called Remarkable home bar giveaway.

(The competition) was created to inspire drinkers to participate in more mindful happy hours at home, something we at Maker’s Mark refer to as ‘Maker’s Hour’, “says a whiskey spokeswoman, adding that on social media it is called #MakersHour.

“We have spent the last 365 days plus drinking at home, and while we are happy to return to sit at a bar, there is home to drink to stay, so you might as well perfect your bar space to refine your friends will inevitably come across a drink, ”she adds.

To win a home bar makeover for yourself and the special person, go to Twitter and enter the contest. Tag with 280 words or less, take @MakersMark to tell them why this person is special to you and what makes them a remarkable person, and of course use the hashtag #MakersHour. Both you and your remarkable person must be at least 21 years old to win the competition.

If you win, you and your special person will each get a new home bar. The home bars each have bar space for up to four guests, beautiful bottle screens, accent pieces, functional beverage equipment and perfect lighting – in other words, the “perfect setting” for a “perfect Maker’s Hour,” she says.

“Good interior design in any room is about creating a space that makes you feel like you are living your best life,” says Soria. “I want to use these designs to help whiskey drinkers connect with each other in their homes in the same way as at a high-end bar.”

The design of each home bar will be unique, but they are designed to mirror each other with a coherent aesthetic so that you and your person can share a drink together physically or virtually. “What makes a home cocktail hour most enjoyable is not just about what’s in your glass,” says Rob Samuels, eighth generation whiskey producer and CEO of Maker’s Mark. “It’s about the personal details, from the space where you enjoy it to the company you enjoy it with.”

The competition runs through June 9, so Twitter nominations must be made by then.

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