Is this the most exclusive dining experience in all of New York?

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New York and good food go hand in hand. In fact, the city is home to more sophisticated culinary outposts than perhaps anywhere else on the planet. But Exclusive resorts has found a way to harness that sea of ​​talent while providing a bespoke experience that you literally cannot find anywhere else. They transport chefs from Michelin-starred kitchens directly to your own private residence.

That holiday club for members only works with approximately 400 properties across the globe and provides access to fully furnished luxury apartments at a fixed price of $ 1,395 per. day – regardless of the season. The company was started in 2002 with funding from former AOL founder Steve Case, who now serves as chairman. Think of the service as a premium alternative to VRBO. For example, you can work with their team of concierge to cure private dining experiences at almost any of their locations.

In New York, however, it is a little more formalized. Exclusive resorts operate outside Park Avenue Placejust south of The billionaire’s row in Midtown Manhattan. And this is where members benefit from the newly launched dining concept, the result of a partnership with a locally based startup known as Resident.

As the name suggests, Resident specializes in reproducing the white tablecloth treatment in a living space. The company, which springs up during the pandemic to enable the comfortable capture of such while maintaining the social distance, is addressing what it calls “a new era of hospitality.”

According to its website:

Residential events take place in distinctive, luxurious spaces across NYC. Current venues include the private patio terrace with beautiful views of FiDi, a multi-million dollar East Village mansion and a beautiful SoHo loft. ”

At Exclusive Resorts, it takes the form of Michelin-trained chefs who design customized tasting menus to be plated in your dining room overlooking Park Avenue. They prepare it all in a nearby ghost kitchen and are accompanied by a sommelier who both come intermittently through the course to explain each dish and its associated wine. Members can even work with the culinary team to customize individual offerings that they deem appropriate.

The VIP dining experience is your own for the evening at a cost of $ 2000. If this is enough to evoke sticker shocks, take comfort in the fact that you are allowed a total of eight dining options. It’s $ 250 per person. Inhabitant for a multi-course Michelin-caliber meal including wine pairing. In other words, a good deal by New York standards.

While this level of luxury may not be achieved by everyone, it is a great way to ease back into the sense of pre-pandemic life for those with the money to spend. Especially if they are still a little wary of diving first into crowded public spaces. The partnership between Exclusive Resorts and Resident also does its part to help hospitality most affected by Covid-related shutdowns: part of their proceeds benefit James Beard Foundation’s Open For Good campaign that helps independent restaurants keep the lights on. It’s something we can all enjoy.

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