How this company uses Chardonnay seeds to create a luxury sunscreen

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A product of winemaking, grape seed oil is celebrated at the same time for its health benefits, both in cooking and in certain skin products. The founders of Vacation – a luxury sunscreen company inspired by the beach culture of the 1980s – recognized the recognized benefits of this oil and created a sunscreen formula from the chardonnay grapes.

“We wanted this to feel super luxurious; as if you were opening a bottle of champagne, ”said Dakota Green, co-founder of Vacation, regarding the Chardonnay Oil brand. Green explains that he and his co-founder, Lach Hall, tested hundreds of different oils, including olive, cucumber, watermelon, meadow, argan and barutti oils, but discovered the ultimate results in grape oil.

“We wanted to raise the conventional tanning oil, which is traditionally designed for relaxing moments in the sun, but most have two main problems: they consist of high concentrations of heavy, greasy, comedogenic oils such as mineral oil, and most are low SPF, many of which do not have broad-spectrum protection, ”says Hall.

The former tanning oils were used as ‘tan enhancers’. They may have been used as protection against burns, but still caused skin damage, “emphasizes Dr. Elizabeth Hale, Vacation’s Chief Medical Advisor and a VP of the Skin Cancer Foundation. Dr. Hale explains that a tan reflects DNA damage leading to premature skin aging and skin cancer, therefore dermatologists recommend SPF 30 or higher to protect against harmful UVA / UVB rays. Dr. Hale clarifies that Vacation Chardonnay Oil is classified as a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30, and must be reapplied every two hours, after swimming or after sweating (like any other broad-spectrum sunscreen).

In addition to offering legitimate sun protection, Hall maintains that grape seed oil solves materialistic problems as it is “clean, light and refreshing on the skin” not “heavy” or “oily”. In addition, the co-founders chose chardonnay seed oil because they recognized “how much care goes into growing these precious grapes” that they wanted to showcase in the exclusive product.

“The best sunscreen is the one you actually want to use,” says Dr. Tail, which was a key principle in the brand’s perception. Vacation, at Poolsuite, the “ultra-summer internet radio station” (formerly Poolside FM), launched the five-part series of sunscreen and sunscreen-scented products in June this year with a mission to revive the experience of sunscreen.

“The category used to be marketed with a sense of fun,” Hall says, adding that after the peak of 1980s beach culture, the connection of solar cells to fun was lost. Holidays were created with the vision of bringing the fun back through accessible, ‘leisure-promoting’ products that people actually want to wear. We like to say that our products take leisure time as seriously as they protect, and we hope consumers will recognize that these two things can go hand in hand. ”

For Hall and Green, champagne is “the ultimate in taking leisure time seriously,” which is why they developed Chardonnay Oil, describing it as “the world’s most indulgent sunscreen.” And since chardonnay is one of the prominent grapes used in champagne, Vacation refers to the product as “sunscreen made from champagne seeds.”

Green explains that the chardonnay seeds, which are typically discarded by European winemakers, are cold-pressed for use in sunscreen oil. “We like cold pressing because it does not use heat and therefore retains several of the health benefits of the plant, such as natural antioxidants,” says Green, adding that antioxidants are also found in the sunscreen formula from ingredients such as marula and passion fruit seed oil.

Vacation’s other products include classic sunscreen, mineral lotion, moisturizing face mist and Eau de Toilette with the brand’s signature scent (notes of coconut, banana, pineapple and orange blossom). Hall reintroduces that each product’s formula was designed to reduce the stigma of greasy, white molded sunscreen with sleek packaging to restore the idea of ​​applying sunscreen so it ‘no longer feels like a task, but something to look forward to. do.”

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