How extravagant nails and Hornitos Seltzer make up an unlikely but inspired battle

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The boom in hard seltzers has created a new $ 5 billion market. The market, which is growing at an average of over 16% per year, is expected to triple over the next six years.

Seltzers are not exactly new, but their explosive growth over the last few years has piqued the interest of global beverage companies. They have rushed to introduce tough seltzers that utilize their well-known liquor brands. Hundreds of new products have been introduced, and even in a market that is growing over 16% a year, the competition for shelf space has been brutal.

Hornitos, the Beam Suntory-owned Tequila brand, has wanted to distinguish its tough seltzer from a crowded field of competitors, and has taken advantage of a seemingly unrelated trend, extravagantly well-groomed nails, as a marketing angle for its Hornitos® Tequila Seltzer.

If you were not aware that extravagantly groomed nails are the hottest fashion of the summer, it’s okay. I was not either. However, it is a pretty good indication of which side of the generational divide you are on.

According to Hornitos:

With the popularity of canned, hard seltzers and extravagantly manicured nails both rising this summer, we can predict how the two might not go hand in hand. That’s why it’s Hornitos® Tequila Seltzer and acclaimed celebrity nail artist, Chaun Legend, comes to the rescue to help seltzer fans avoid a nail-biting disaster and keep their Instagram-worthy nails in sensational condition throughout the seltzer season.

Chaun Legend is a celebrity manicurist or “nail artist”. Yes, there is such a thing. According to his official biography, he “Sculptures works of art on the hands of the biggest stars of entertainment.”

According to legend:

I will stop at nothing to avoid the unnecessary cracks, chips and dents associated with everyday mishaps. I jumped at the chance to work with Hornitos and share foolproof tricks to preserve the masterpieces of my colleagues on nails across the country against the side effects of seltzer can opening. In short, there is no need to sit out the seltzer season just because of a fabulous set!

“Cracking a Hornitos® Tequila Seltzer is perfect for the moments when you feel ready to step out with friends and have a fun evening, ”added Beth Krigel, Senior Marketing Director for Tequila at Beam Suntory. Ahead of National Tequila Day, July 24, we are excited to partner with a creator like Chaun Legend to have some fun and make you look and feel your best – right down to the bold nails – when you break a seltzer this summer. ”

New and nationally available this summer, Hornitos Tequila Seltzer combines true Plata Tequila with refreshing seltzer. It is available in two natural flavors – Lime and Mango – without artificial sweeteners. Each flavor contains natural ingredients and less than 115 calories. The ready-to-drink Tequila seltzers are available in 12-ounce cans, contain 5% ABV and have a suggested retail price of $ 11.99 per serving. Four packages.

Are you dying to know more about Chaun’s nail-saving seltzer opening hacks? You can find answers on Hornitos Tequila’s social channels. Visit or follow Hornitos Tequila on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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