Gin Lane 1751 Collaborates with Designer Cynthia Rowley to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

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Ever since its launch in 2017, Gin Lane 1751, a handmade portfolio of classic-style gins, has been observing Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) by donating 50 percent of all profits throughout the month to The Pink Agenda, a non-profit organization committed to to raise money for breast cancer research and care. This year, Gin Lane 1751 partnered with iconic designer Cynthia Rowley to expand its fundraising efforts with limited-edition co-created products.

“This year, I felt it was important to expand our fundraising efforts with someone who makes a positive difference: I found this in Cynthia Rowley,” Geoff Curley, founder and CEO of Gin Lane 1751, told Forbes. “Her work is centered around optimism and empowerment, which is what we want to express with this year’s fundraising program. Taking action – both large and small – adds to improving the lives of the people affected by breast cancer.”

The partnership began this week with the release of ‘Victoria’ Pink Bottle Clutch and Gin – a whimsical, floral patterned string bag designed by Rowley that houses Gin Lane 1751’s ‘Victoria’ Pink Gin, a bright, botanical forward-looking expression.

“Today we are always connected and can often be distracted by a constant stream of information. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a reminder to slow down, give back and remember what matters most: friends and family,” Rowley told Forbes about the collaboration. “Gin has been my favorite spirit in cocktails for a while now, and when I discovered ‘Victoria’ Pink Gin, I was really impressed.”

‘Victoria’ Pink Gin is one of the brand’s four signature styles blended by the eighth generation of London distillery Charles Maxwell. The full-bodied gin is infused with a natural blend of aromatic bitters, which gives a smooth sip with a spicy finish, as well as the rosy hue that matches the pink ribbon.

Curley explained that after losing his mother, aunt and cousin to breast cancer, he discovered The Pink Agenda. “I was struck by the organization’s partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the combined commitment to focus on young professionals and the next generation of philanthropy,” Curley said, adding that this year’s partnership with Rowley allows for a longer fundraising period.

This year, Gin Lane 1751 extended the fundraiser to donate 50 percent of the profits from the Rowley partnership to the end of 2021; Curley teased the release of new co-created products during the fall. In addition, Gin Lane 1751 will donate 50 percent of the profits to The Pink Agenda, not only to October, but also from September, and from the sale of the entire portfolio of gins. This includes their London Dry Gin, ‘Old Tom’ Gin, London Dry ‘Royal Strength’ and their latest seasonal expression of Cucumber Watermelon Mint.