Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Equipment for Backpacking

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Your father is not like all the other dangers – he is an outdoorsman, a hiker, an adventurer. Happiest on a trail, inside a tent or eating dehydrated food, your dad loves all-in-backpacking. For Father’s Day this year, get him something he can really use. Support his passion for the outdoors with the following gifts.

Goodnight sleep well

Your father is the best. He deserves the best. Get him the brand new Bishop Pass lightweight sleeping bag made of Mountain Hardwear. This is a can-do bag, versatile and high-performance with 650 filling for excellent compressibility. You will notice that the foot box is a little different – it is designed with a more natural position for comfort. When adventure calls, this is the bag to bring to the trip.

Train hard, play harder

When preparing for a long-distance hike, your dad needs to train in advance. HOKA has a brand new shoe made for cloud-like running, Clifton 8. This light and cushy shoe, which comes in several fun colors, has a new midsole and a breathable mesh upper. This is the “IT” shoe for the summer season. Your dad can comfortably rattle up his miles and be prepared for time on the trail.

Hang around for a while

For your one luxury item, get your dad a weatherproof, portable hammock from Yellow leaf. These hammocks are woven by hand by expert craftsmen in Thailand and are super soft and comfortable. Fun fact: each hammock has the craftswoman’s name on the brand, which makes your dad feel like it was made just for him. He can carry it in his backpack, set it up when he breaks camp, and relax all evening.

Wander it out

Leaders in hiking, Vasque has been producing quality driven boots and shoes since the sixties. New in the lineup is an adaptable and lightweight hiking shoe for men, the Satoru Trail LT, built to spend time outdoors. These shoes are built with great traction and style, and they are workhorses and feel good on your pops feet, even after long days of high mileage. Choose from three different colors and surprise your dad with a gift he will truly love.

Drink more water

Remembering to drink plenty of water can be a challenge when backpacking. Part of the problem is lack of taste. Enter: water drop, tiny and light fruit and plant cubes that dissolve easily in water and add flavor and panache. Get your Dad Edition Set Steel package that comes with a steel water bottle and four different water drop flavors – the water bottle keeps its drink cold for hours. He gets his vitamins while on exploration with no added sugar, and hopefully is encouraged to drink more water while on the trail.

The gift of colors

Get your dad a backpack that is not only well designed with all the technical features he will love, but also one that is colorful and bright. Helly Hansens Capacitor backpack 65L, in Alert Red, is the ideal backpack for multi-day outdoor adventures. This package has all the bells and whistles: a floating lid for extra storage and quick grips, an adjustable back panel for perfect sizing, a mesh design on the back for superior ventilation and plenty of pockets to keep his equipment organized and accessible.

Get your feet wet

After hiking many miles in one day, it always feels great to take off your hiking boots and slip on a comfortable camping shoe. It is a good idea to bring a durable, closed toe sandal that can also get wet and used for water transitions on the trail. Give your dad a few best-selling Keen Newport H2 shoes for men. They are perfect around camp when crossing streams and rivers, and as a backup hiking shoe if he gets a painful blister or has sore feet from his hiking boots.

Trail tunes

Affordable and high-performance, Back Bay’s Runner 60 wireless earbuds are designed for athletes. Whether your dad carries them while he trains, trains for his upcoming backpacking trip, or brings them along on the trail, these waterproof knobs stay with the charging box for a full 80 hours. He will love the sleek design and comfortable fit.

Charge your fuel

Many backpackers eat high-calorie foods, often of the junk food variety, while on several days of outdoor adventure. There is a better way. Athletic green, experts in supplements for whole foods, filled with vitamins and minerals, make travel packages for the danger on the go. He can store a few individually shared packages in his backpack and he is ready for nutritional success all day. And if your dad really loves the extra dietary support, he can sign up for a monthly subscription and stay on the path to healthy aging, immune support, gut strength, brain and memory care, renewable energy and faster recovery.

A quick recovery

If your dad is the type who pushes himself hard and then feels hurt for a day or two afterwards, get him Hyperice Hypervolt GO. This lightweight handheld percussion technology is elixired for tight and sore muscles. With three speeds and TSA clearance for a carry-on luggage, your dad can carry this rechargeable machine wherever he goes. For instant relief, he can even leave it in the trunk of his car when he finishes his backpacking trip.

Get dry

While on the trail, your dad needs an extra layer to keep him dry and a little warmer in bad weather. Waterproof and windproof, Jack Wolfskins The Eagle Peak Jacket is breathable, it comes with a detachable hood and it has plenty of pockets for all your dad’s little items. This hiking jacket is built hard, yet lightweight, and lasts him for many years.

Be cool

Hip dads need hip gear, whether it’s working out in the gym, running hills outside or getting home. That adidas RPT-01 sports on-ear headphones are as stylish as they are functional. They will stay in place during your dad’s workout, and when he’s done, he can remove the earmuffs and wash them. Install the adidas headphone app and easily customize the features. Your dad will love that you thought of him and got him something that he might not have bought for himself.

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