Drinks to help you enjoy the closing ceremony of the Olympics – and the rest of the summer

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The Summer Olympics in Tokyo are declining, but the drink inspiration we got from them will continue for the rest of the summer.

If you want to drink something together with closing ceremonies – or a highlight, e.g. US Men’s Swim Team, try these easy ideas that also happen to be good summer clippers in themselves.

Make a whiskey highball

“The archetypal whiskey cocktail in Japan is by far predominantly Whiskey Highball,” write Katana Kitten’s Masahiro Urushido and Michael Decent in their new book, “The Japanese Art of The Cocktail.” “Whiskey Highballs are ubiquitous throughout the country and are available in almost every kind of bar and in vending machines.”

The highball – basically a whiskey soda, but elevated by method – was popular in 1950s Japan and has experienced a resurgence. In high-end companies, the bartender adds the whiskey over a crystal-clear ice skewer, stirs 13.5 times to the left and then pours soda into the bar to prevent bubbles from bursting, according to Gardner Dunn, Senior House of Suntory Brand Ambassador.

The brand was an important part of the resurgence, installing thousands of highball machines across the country making ultra-fizzy cocktails with supercharged seltzer across the country and eventually bringing them to the US (there are about 150 in the US at the moment, mostly in Japanese restaurants and bars).

Suntory developed its Toki whiskey specifically for highball based on lighter corn whiskey made at the Chita distillery in and more complex malt whiskey from Hakashu. At a price of $ 40, it is not the large consumption that some other term for Japanese whiskey is.

How to make a Toki Highball:

Fill the glass to the brim with ice.

Add a measure Suntory Whiskey Toki – it is highly recommended that Toki be cooled beforehand to increase carbonation and lower the temperature of the overall drink.

Stir to cool the whiskey and glass.

Add ice to the rim again.

Pour three ways of chilled soda along the side of the glass or down a harsh one to avoid melting the ice or bursting the bubbles.

Add a twist of citrus – lemon or grapefruit.

If you think you’ve done it, the brand is holding a competition for creative highball photos and captions for those who tag @SuntoryToki. The winners will win a trip for two in 2022 to Japan and a tour of the Yamazaki distillery. The full list of rules and regulations can be found here.

Another option with a different flavor profile is Dewar’s new Japanese Smooth. It is part of the Scottish brand’s cask series that takes 8-year-old blended Scotch whiskey and finishes it on various barrels – previous iterations have included mezcal, rum and port. The Japanese Smooth is finished in Mizunara oak barrels, the result is a slightly smoky Scotch with traditional Dewar honey notes, with more of a dry finish with baked spices sold for an affordable $ 25. It is expected to be more available during the month of August.

Try a cocktail with Japanese gin

One of my favorite things about gin is that it can incorporate the botanical where it was made, giving it an enhanced sense of terroir – and was one of the first early global products because London Dry gin incorporated all the spices , which was traded with in the city.

Roku Gin, made by Suntory, has some of your traditional botanicals (like juniper, which is a given), but also includes sakura (cherry blossom) flower and leaf, yuzu peel, Sencha tea and sansho pepper, and is a personal favorite.

Beefeater 24 is another good option (from the Japanese inspired category). It gets its name from the 12 botanicals that steep in gin for 24 hours, including sencha -te. This Rosemary Collins, the brand developed for the celebration of the Olympics, picks grapefruit notes (one of the botanicals) and makes it herbal and refreshing with rosemary.

Rosemary Collins

1 del Beefeater 24

1/3 part homemade rosemary syrup *

2 parts fresh pink grapefruit juice


Shake and fine strain Beefeater 24, syrup and juice in a highball glass over ice. Top with soda and garnish with a fresh sprig of rosemary and grapefruit slices.

* Rosemary syrup

Put an equal ratio of sugar to water in a saucepan over low heat. Let it simmer (stirring occasionally) until all the sugar is dissolved and light syrup is formed. Add fresh rosemary sprigs and leave on the heat for at least 15 minutes. Discard rosemary and allow to cool completely before use.

Try a summer cider

After their debut at the Olympics, everyone has got skateboarding on their minds, including the folks at Angry Orchard, who collaborated with BRYTE Skateborads / The Berrics on a 90s-inspired capsule collection with boards, hoodies and T-shirts, using some of the same daring , graphic imagery created by artist Matt Corrado with Angry Orchards art director Joe Dion.

Collab comes as the brand has added new fruit ciders to their permanent collection: Peach Mango and Strawberry Fruit. They are on the sweeter side of the brand’s range, but refreshing for summer.

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