Denmark introduces travel ban on unvaccinated American tourists

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Just a few days after announcing that all Covid-19-related restrictions in the country would be lifted, Denmark has reintroduced its travel ban on US residents who are not fully vaccinated. The new rules come into force from kl. 16.00 on 4 September.

This step comes after an EU recommendation to limit US arrivals, which EU members may decide to implement or not. Denmark’s Scandinavian neighbors Sweden introduced a similar ban last week, but Denmark has chosen to include an important exemption for vaccinated travelers.

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Vaccinated travelers are still welcome from the United States

In Denmark’s latest adaptation to its entry rules, the USA, together with five other countries, was reclassified to ‘orange’ status. This means that American citizens who are able to prove full vaccination will still be allowed to enter Denmark without the requirement for testing or isolation.

Denmark considers one to be fully vaccinated when at least 14 days have elapsed since a full course of an EMA-approved vaccine has been completed. The EU’s digital certificate is accepted as proof. Other documentation must include name, date of birth, name of vaccination (s) and vaccination (s).


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U.S. residents without vaccination

For American travelers without full vaccination, a ‘dignified purpose’ is required to enter Denmark. Dignified purposes include jobs, business meetings, specific occupations, students, close family relationships, or other urgent business, but do not include tourism. The full list is available here.

Even with a worthy purpose, U.S. residents who have not been fully vaccinated must test and isolate on arrival, with the exception of those who can document a previous Covid-19 infection.

An EU recommendation

Both Denmark and Sweden have implemented the ban on tourism from the USA after the removal of the USA from the EU’s Covid-19 safe travel list. This came after the sharp rise in Covid-19 cases in recent weeks.

Since early August, the country has recorded some of the highest daily rates of new cases since the pandemic began. Due to the growing number of CDCs, unvaccinated people are advised not to travel on Labor Day weekends.

The EU decision is also based in part on the fact that the United States still prevents unimportant travel from Europe, despite a plan announced in June to allow vaccinated Europeans to visit without quarantine.

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