Ciara becomes an investor and co-owner of ten to a rum

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Ciara wants to change the way you think about rum.

It’s not just for sugary frozen daiquiris on Spring Break, or that you once had a stroke after sailing the British Virgin Islands. A good rum can be for partying, both big events and the everyday victories and milestones where you take the time to reflect on the moment.

For the singer, songwriter and entrepreneur, she planned her first cocktail after breastfeeding her son Win for 10 months.

“I had a classic mojito. It’s one of my go-tos, and it was really well, ”she said, laughing. “Imagine I was breastfeeding for 10 months in quarantine – it was a journey. But it was also really sweet. I enjoy tying ties to my baby, but it was definitely on time. I was excited and looking forward to celebrating it. moment, and that was the perfect way to start it. “

Spreading the word about how to make the special cocktails for everyday celebrations is one of the reasons why Ciara has joined Trinidad-born founder and CEO Marc Farrell as investor, co-owner and director of Ten To One rom.

Farrell, who left Trinidad at the age of 16 to study chemical engineering at MIT and then went on to become the youngest vice president at Starbucks, founded the brand in 2019 with a focus on lifting the spirit and highlighting its versatility as well as modern Caribbean culture. The name comes from a quote from Dr. Eric Williams, Trinidad and Tobago’s first prime minister, when he discussed the first Caribbean association of 10 countries, which said “One in ten leaves zero” – the idea that we are stronger together than individually.

Ciara is also no stranger to business ventures. She has started a production company with her husband Russell Wilson, is involved in model lines and is a co-owner of, among others, Seattle Sounders. In 2019, she attended a short intensive course at Harvard Business School on Business of Entertainment, Media and Sports, which she said gave her the ability to fine-tune her decision-making as well as learn from past business mistakes.

“When I get a chance to do things and projects like this, I’m pretty involved,” said Ciara, who connected with Farrell through family friends. “I see a step before the product itself to work with really good business partners. For me, all the boxes were checked. This is a space that not too many women occupy, and I saw a huge opportunity as an entrepreneur and as a colored woman. ”

She sees growth opportunities in educating people about rum beyond knowledge at the surface level.

“There’s a huge selection where rum can be flexed in,” she said, pointing to Ten To One’s sleek packaging that is high on elegance and low on pirate vibes.