Christmas Gift Guide 2021: The best Italian BOB cheeses

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Produced in different regions, provinces and small villages – from north to south – the best Italian PDO cheeses are made according to traditional production and processing methods that have been handed down through generations.

“Italy is an extraordinary place. Its diverse ecosystems and its rich variety of landscapes translate into an incredible variety of culinary treasures, especially cheeses,” said Genny Nevoso, CEO of Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West.

Consumers can be sure of the quality and authenticity of the 55 Italian cheeses with PDOs because they carry the protected designation of origin (PDO) from the EU.

“Each tells a story that goes back thousands of years,” says Nevoso. “Italian cheeses are so inextricably linked to their territory, their local resources and climate. It’s like traveling through the palate at every bite,” she adds.

These versatile Italian imports can be enjoyed with wine before or after dinner, incorporated into recipes for starters, main courses and desserts – or purchased as holiday gifts for food-enthusiastic friends, family and colleagues. Imagine donating a cheese that is produced in the same place as someone you know, visited, was born or has family ties to.

Links to online purchases are below, but many of these cheeses can be purchased closer to home if you are lucky enough to have a local cheese merchant, specialty grocer or Italian delicatessen in your area.

Join us on this culinary trip to some of the most delicious regional cheeses in Italy! Enjoy your meal!

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