Celebrate World Day 2021 all year round at these sustainable luxury resorts

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Since 2008, when the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution designating June 8 as World Ocean Day, the date has reminded them across the globe of the vital importance of the ocean: it covers about 70% of the planet, it produces at least 50% of the earth’s oxygen, is home to most of its biodiversity and is the main source of protein for more than a billion people all over the world.

With 90% of the large fish populations now depleted and 50% of the coral reefs destroyed, we are taking more from the sea than can be replenished – sharp realities informing about this year’s theme, “The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods,” and the UN resumption of the commitment needed to achieve it Sustainable development objectives 14– “Preserve and sustainable use of the oceans, seas and marine resources” – by 2030.

For the following incomparable resorts, the conservation and sustainable use of marine resources has long been a crucial mission. By booking them, you are directly helping to support the crucial rehabilitation of our watered garden.

Baros, Maldives

Since opening in 1973 Baros Maldives– located in the northern Malé Atoll, just 25 minutes by speedboat from Malé International Airport – has been a pioneer in the conservation and training of coral reefs in the Indian Ocean, a defining passion that today manifests itself in initiatives to improve the condition and the biodiversity of the surrounding reefs. This year, Baros introduced “coral cubes” to encourage coral regeneration. Living coral fragments are attached with tear-resistant glue to the plastic-free, recyclable cubes and then placed directly on the reef for the purpose of deforesting areas damaged by waves and weather events.

Guests at Baros can plant their own coral cubes and learn about the surrounding ecosystem. Baros’ resident marine biologists are closely monitoring the dice as part of the resort’s conservation strategy.

If you go: Prices in the Baros Maldives start at $ 675 per person. Night in a Deluxe villa on a B&B basis excluding taxes. For more information, visit baros.com.

Miavana, Madagascar

Surrounded by a pristine reef that offers fantastic snorkeling and diving opportunities as well as turtle, whale and dolphin safaris, fly fishing and deep sea fishing beyond the reef, Miavana is a private island hotel located on Nosy Ankao, off the northeast coast of Madagascar. With a preservation heritage dating back to 1950, sustainability-oriented Time + Tide – the fire team behind Miavana – contributes more than $ 300,000 annually to community, health, education and conservation of wildlife through his Time + Tide Foundation.

Uniquely located on a protected island with a full-time environmental team trained in wildlife monitoring and replanting, Miavana cultivates a truly practical approach to conservation. To date, its efforts include monitoring sea turtles located on Nosy Ankao, conducting marine and terrestrial biodiversity surveys, seabird breeding and monitoring, and advocating a conservation program for crowned lemurs, an endangered species endemic to Madagascar.

If you go: Mavros Safaris offers travel to Madagascar from $ 11,384 per person. person based on two guests sharing, which includes three nights at Miavana, round trip by helicopter from Nosy Be, all meals, butler, selected premium wines, spirits in the top shelf and bar drinks, laundry, preservation fees, select shared activities and return flights to Nosy Be.

Dry islands, Panama

Located in the privately owned Gulf of Chiriquí Dry islands– separated from mainland Panama by 20 miles of pristine sea – is an unsurpassed destination for an ocean-focused adventure with preservation in the foreground. One of Central America’s best-kept secrets, the almost pristine region, is home to scattered coral reefs off Panama’s rugged Pacific coast, pristine beaches and two large, protected marine parks teeming with an abundance of underwater fauna and flora.

Islas Secas is designed to exist in seamless harmony with its surroundings and is designated as an environmentally protected area under Panamanian law. The privately funded Islas Secas Foundation also collaborates with conservation organizations to support efforts ranging from the restoration of mangroves to the protection of the sea area as well as environmental education in Chiriquí.

If you go: Prices for Islas Secas start at $ 1,500 per person. Casita pr. Night at all inclusive, including all F&B, selected activities on and off the island, and road and boat transport between the town of David Airport and Islas Secas. For more information, visit islassecas.com.

Bottom reserve , Indonesia

A group under six radars on six tropical islands in Indonesia’s Anamba archipelago, Bottom reserveThe protected lagoons and powder white sand allow guests to explore this remote paradise while helping to protect its future. The plastic-free resort is a pioneer in eco-friendly practices and comprehensive marine and forest conservation and is certified by the WWF Signing Blue program (a WWF conservation initiative based in Indonesia) as a five-star destination for responsible marine tourism – the first resort in Indonesia to receive this distinction.

To help protect Bawah’s surrounding garden, the reserve launched Anambas Foundation in 2018 an independent charity whose goal is to improve the overall ecosystem. The foundation works with local communities to educate residents on ways to combat the negative effects of fishing and waste management. In 2020, the Foundation launched new initiatives for mangrove conservation and integrated waste management (IWM) in the surrounding Anamba Lakes. Guests can also spend time with Bawah’s expert marine biologists who teach snorkeling trips and kayaking.

If you go: Prices on the Bawah Reserve start at $ 1,980 per night. Night for two people on full board, including daily spa treatments, laundry, minibar in the room, a wealth of land and water based activities. For more information visit bawahreserve.com.

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