Bota Box gives away one of the largest boxes of wine

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Did you miss your block party last year? Want a block party that talks about your city? Do you just want to throw a bash?

Bota Box understands this pent-up demand, and this premium box of wine has just today announced a contest to meet this need. Enter Bota Box XXL – a huge, extra large box of wine. This six-foot-tall wine container pours both red and white varieties, one from each side. The winner will be given an exact choice of which varieties to dispense from the dispensers and they will be adapted to the winner’s palate.

“After more than a year of social isolation, where wine lovers kept six feet away from their neighbors and friends, Bota Box wants to celebrate the gathering with old friends and make new ones around the six-foot-tall Bota XXL,” says Nicole Ordonze, marketing director. “To toast this important moment and offer a fittingly epic centerpiece for postandemic socializing, Bota Box XXL has dispensers for both red and white Bota varieties, poured from different sides of the box.”

Not only that, but the competition also includes a $ 10,000 blockchain party, which with Bota Box XXL should create the biggest post-pandemic party your bloc has ever seen, she says. A party planner will make sure to plan the party, set up the box and buy everything for the party; all the winner has to do is pick a place, bring their friends and show up.

Bota Box, which is the sixth largest wine brand in the United States by value, ranks number one in the U.S. wine industry for volume growth and ranks third for dollar growth.

Its growth, says Ordonze, is partly due to the fact that premium, 3-liter cask wine is the fastest growing format in wine. Bota Box is the driving force behind this category growth, with a total depletion of the brand growing more than 40 percent by 2020 to more than 11 million cases.

“We want Bota Box XXL to inspire neighbors and friends to connect and celebrate together,” Ordonez says. “Bota Box’s delicious, shatterproof wines go wherever the fun is, and with so many long-delayed gatherings and parties taking place, we want to help America hold the ultimate Bota Box block party.”

How much wine does Bota Box XXL contain? “It is safe to say that it will be able to hold an epic amount of wine and there is a cash portion of the prize that the winner can choose to use to buy wine to replenish XXL all year round if they choose that, “she says.

To enter the competition, consumers aged 21 or over must visit and enter once every day to have the chance to win, and consumers can enter the competition now from 3 August to 14 September.

Consumers can also earn additional items by sharing the contests for Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #BotaXXLSweepstakes. The winners will be announced before September 21, 2021.

To learn more about Bota Box XXL and enter the contest for a chance to win Bota Box XXL, visit

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