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So your friends all think you sound like a loon? Well, your imitation of this Midwestern bird could be worth the beer and something even more special.

Leinenkugel’s offers the best imitator of a loon call a Loonenkugel through a new campaign just announced today. What is a Loon Ball? It’s a robot, motorized “cooler-meets-float” that can deliver beer to you.

“Every year we see more and more crazy designs for giant, inflatable water fleets,” says Crystal Hubert, associate marketing manager for Lenenkugel’s. “So this summer, Keinenkugel took part in the fun with our own Midwestern roof – Loonenkugel.”

Loonenkugel, she says, is “designed to allow you to live your best life by the lake,” and it pays homage to “the unofficial mascot of the great lakes, the lone.”

“Loonenkugel has a Summer Shandy cooler in its body and it will deliver you ice cold, Summer Shandy right to you so you don’t have to interrupt time on the lake by going back to the dock to store,” Hubert says. It will be much more useful than, for example, a giant piece of pizza inflatable.

“As a Wisconsin brewery, we know how special Midwestern summers by the lake are,” she adds. “From pontoon bindings, sunsets on the dock and the enchanting call from a loon, make those moments just as great, especially with a Summer Shandy in hand.”

Summer Shanty, the beer that this device is specifically designed for, is only released during the summer months, and at the end of the summer, the beer goes to sleep until the weather warms up again.

The Loonenkugel is valued at $ 20,000 and is designed to keep a 12-pack of ice cold while paddling across a lake via remote control. Loonenkugel can also be used in pools, but it is designed specifically for lakes where Midwestern pockets can be found.

A lucky – and loony – winner also receives the Summer Shanty for a year, which is awarded via a cash payment app. “We created Loonenkugel to help (a lucky consumer) get the most out of precious summer months by the lake,” says Hubert. “Now everyone can feel like they’re sipping a beer in the Northwoods on a single call from a loon.”

This campaign follows last month’s “docs for docks” – a simple trade in screen time to time by the lake this summer. The brewery rewarded 15 lucky fans with $ 4,000 against a sea retreat by submitting how many hours they spent streaming last year.

The loon call competition starts today and loon calls are accepted until August 9th. To get in, consumers can email [email protected] and send Leinenkugels an audio file featuring your best loon call, and a panel of Midwestern Loon enthusiasts will select one person to win Loonenkugel plus Summer Shandy for a year. If your loon-hoot didn’t create the big prize, you could still be in the process of winning an adorable mini-version of Loonenkugel that holds a can or bottle of Leinenkugel to accompany you on the lake. Your audio clip must not exceed 30 seconds and must have one of the following file formats: MP3, MP4. Or WAV.

Pockets are aquatic birds, known for their beautiful, almost eerie sound calls. Among such wage calls there is a tremelo, a yodel, a wail, and a hiss. If you have not heard one yourself, you can learn more about their specific calls here.

However, these waterfowl are well known in Wisconsin, where Leinenkugels is based – there is even a talented synchronized swimming team called the Wisconsin Water Loons.

“As a 154-year-old brewery in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, we’ve heard our fair share of loon calls, so we’re excited to hear some reproductions from our fans,” Hubert says.

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