Are you visiting Collioure on Cote Vermeille? What you need to know

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Collioure is located along the spectacular Côte Vermeille in the French department of Pyrénées-Orientales in the Occitanie region. This destination in southwestern France is a hidden gem that is perfect to enjoy a few days along the Mediterranean.

A former fishing village with traditional houses, Collioure offers a setting of red cliffs where the Pyrenees, which run along the border of France and Spain, meet the sea.

It attracted the great painters of Fauvism who visited Collioure in the early 20th century and for whom the village was an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Matisse and Derain and later Picasso, Dali and Braque were drawn by the color and light of one of France’s most beautiful villages.

Must do: Every Sunday morning in the summer, villagers mingle with the tourists to start a wild sardana (traditional Catalan dance) on the main square of the village.

Where to stay and eat: Relais des Trois Mats (4 stars) is charming hotel with good food: at its restaurant “La Balette”. It is also in a fabulous location right on the water’s edge and just opposite the Château de Collioure and the old village.

For more information on preparing for a trip, visit the websites for Occitanie tourism.

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