10 snubs and surprises from this year’s Emmy nominations

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While “The Crown,” “The Mandalorian,” and “WandaVision” garnered Emmy nominations on Tuesday, there were quite a few shows — and actors — that didn’t make it.

And then there were the shows and performers that no one expected to appear on the ballot.

We’ll have to wait until September to see who takes home Emmys, but here are some of the programs that were among the most surprising nominations and were turned down.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the full list of this year’s Emmys nominees yet, you can do so here.

Snub: “Little Axe”

Steve McQueen’s acclaimed anthology “Small Axe,” which earned actor John Boyega a Golden Globe award earlier this year, received little recognition from the Television Academy. The series, which consists of five films that tell different stories about the lives of West Indian immigrants in London from the 1960s to the 1980s, received only one nomination: Best Cinematography.

Surprise: “The Boys”

Amazon Prime Video’s “The Boys” is finally on the radar of the awards circuit. Now heading into its third season, the superhero genre show received five nominations on Tuesday, including Best Drama Series.

The series explores what happens when super-powered humans abuse their abilities. It has been well received by critics since its first season in 2019.

Snub: “Rutherford Falls”

At first glance, “Rutherford Falls” may seem like just another Michael Schur sitcom, but with a writer’s room made up of 50% native writers, the Peacock comedy is something more.

Launched in April, the series follows Nathan Rutherford, a man who considers his family’s (white) family history in a town populated by people from the fictional Minishonka Nation. The cast of the series is predominantly Native, led by Michael Greyeyes as Terry Thomas, the manager of the local casino, and Jana Schmieding, Nathan’s best friend Reagan.

“Rutherford Falls” was recently renewed for a second season.

Surprise: “Emily in Paris”

Despite mediocre reviews from critics, Netflix’s “Emily in Paris” made its way to the Golden Globe voting earlier this year and has now been nominated for two Emmys, including one for Best Comedy.

Snub: “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”

The chemistry of Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan in the Marvel series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” wasn’t enough to land both actors a nomination at this year’s Emmys.

Wondering what it meant to be a black superhero in America, the Disney+ series earned a guest star nomination for Don Cheadle and several technical nods.

Surprise: “Cobra Kai”

“Cobra Kai” has been recognized by the Television Academy in the past. It was nominated for outstanding stunt coordination in 2019, but entered the race for best comedy series on Tuesday.

With a fourth season on the way, the Netflix show has received strong reviews from critics and is one of the most streamed shows on the service.

Snub: “Mythical Quest”

Apple TV+’s quirky workplace comedy about the team behind a hugely popular online multiplayer video game has once again flown under the radar.

The series managed to get nominations for best narration and sound editing, but did not make it into the mood for the comedy series despite strong critical acclaim.

“Mythic Quest” was also rejected last year. The cleverly written and sharply executed comedy undercuts expectations as it tackles everything from gender inequality to the battle between the business and creative worlds of major tech companies.

Surprise: Ewan McGregor, “Halston”

Ryan Murphy’s “Halston”, a glimpse into the life of the legendary designer, was criticized for being all style with little substance. Still, it seems that actor Ewan McGregor’s charisma in the lead role was enough to land him an Emmy nomination for Best Actor in a Limited Series.

Snub: Pedro Pascal, “The Mandalorian”

“The Mandalorian” may have been equated for most Emmy nominations with 24, but lead actor Pedro Pascal was left out in the best actor vote for the drama series.

Some have speculated that Pascal was not considered last year because he spends most of the series wearing his iconic helmet and was aided by two stuntmen who take turns wearing the bounty hunter suit. Still, there’s enough of a performance from Pascal, even with the clunky armor, to warrant a nod.

Surprise: “Hamilton”

There is no doubt that “Hamilton”, a Tony Award-winning spectacle, is a masterpiece. However, many were confused when the filmed production clinched 12 Emmys on Tuesday.

Disney+, which streamed “Hamilton,” was allowed to categorize the project as a pre-recorded special variety, which it did for the technical Emmy categories. However, since there is no longer a category with different performers, the Television Academy allowed Disney to submit its actors and actresses under the umbrella of TV movies.

“Hamilton” went on to earn seven different acting nominations in the main and supporting categories.

Disclosure: Comcast is the parent company of NBCUniversal and CNBC. NBCUniversal owns Peacock.

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